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Hello world!

March 16, 2010

Here I am, starting a new adventure in communication.  So why am I here?  And who Am I?

I am here to listen to others and to communicate my concerns around the state of the human race.  According to Richard Leakey, we are the seventh extinction.  Our irony is that we are killing ourselves and every other living thing on the planet except, possibly, insects.  With our reckless attitude towards safety, whether it be in our cars or running mining operations, we endanger ourselves and others daily and fatally.

The fear factor is another destroyer of humanity by humanity – we are afraid of other opinions; other sexes; other races; of other religions.  So we use these fears to rountinely wipe each other out through one on one violence or wars, including enthnic and other forms of cleansing.

We allow ourselves to be manipulated by big oil, big pharmaceuticals and big international companies generally.  We are serfs again, too afraid of breaking societal boundaries because we fear being outcasts.

And yet, some of us see the cesspit of humanity.  The polluted water, the dying animals, the dying people – all sacrificed to progress.

I am one of those who sees this and wants to change it.  As an Earth Steward, it is my commitment to the future.  As Nkwe (the Leopard) She who walks alone, I tread the earth and feel its pain.

The wise American Indians said that once we saw the water had dried up; the earth was barren and all animal life was gone; then only would we realise that money was of no value.

Money does not sustain nor feed.  It does not plant crops or feed children.  It does not change things, unless it is put to work for the good of all.  With 90% of the wealth of the world in the hands of the top 1%, is there an chance that this wealth may be put to work?  Or will they hold on to it, believing that it is their salvation from the changes to come?

Their actions are producing most of the pollution that affects this planet.  Their end will be more painful and more prolonged that the masses; however it will be the same in the end.