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Thoughts on Actions by the 99%

December 16, 2011

Tonight there is beauty here. It is so special and amazing. Perhaps the season of goodwill is infusing us with a new consciousness. Maybe more of us are looking at healing the problems innovative ways instead of staying firmly in the past. Perhaps the younger generation is gaining power.

Maybe the word of revolution and change is getting out and being heard. The word that says that politicians are to be put on the line and the powerful are to be questioned and made accountable. The 99% are no longer willing to be underdogs and despised – they are asking pertinent questions and want answers from the power mongers of the world.

The centre is failing and cannot hold. However it is not the beast that has been released but a new understanding of what is means to be a human being and a slave in the face of multinational manipulation and greed. We are finding ways to throw off our chains. We have the guts to do it, despite the sacrifices, because we are the ones most affected and because we care for our children and the future generations.

99% is far more engaged people than the 1%. Rely on building unity and focus on solutions that work and change the status quo.

In 2012, we move to change the balance of the human world.


December 10, 2011

COP17 has not been a success diplomatically even though it may have been a financial success.  This saddens me, because our government in South Africa has exposed itself as highly reactionary.  Peaceful demonstrations have been disrupted in various places particularly on the Global Day of Action and then on the 9th of December.  This cannot sit well with the reporters of the international press.

South Africa has failed to produce a successful COP 17.  Our government has exposed its violent tendencies.  I am ashamed to think that our government has turned into a suppressor of its people and this concerns me as the branch co-ordinator of Earthlife Johannesburg