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A long time ago women were queens

September 15, 2012

Last night, I saw “Bitter Seeds” which documents the impact on GM seeds on small farmers in India.  These farmers are all male.  They have been committing suicide due to debt and crop failure in their thousands.  Leaving their women and children destitute, yet those women left behind showed more strength and accessed more solutions than the men. Sadly, women are demeaned in Indian (and many other societies) as extreme dowries are asked for them.  Girl babies are killed so that their families do not have this burden.  The result is that we are living in a world where women and girls are trafficked to countries  where there is a net imbalance. How do we change this situation?  We have to educate everyone – a no brainer, which does not and has not worked. The men in tribal communities are not interested, nor are any men who believe that women should be barefoot in the kitchen raising the kids. For most of the fundamentalist men, and their brainwashed women, this is OK.  After all it is set out in our bibles, korans etc. This is the prime challenge of the 21st century.  Women are facing more violence because they are the strength in most communities.  Corporates hate us because we know the damage they cause and the suffering that results. We stand for justice and we stand for life.  We will change this world be cause we will never yield to injustice.  Opposition has to kill us all and, by doing that, destroy the future for humanity, because you destroy the nurturers. If you listen to us and change, the water will flow clean because women understand that water is life and life requires joy to sustain itself not aggression. Let’s leave the bling behind and make our future clean and simple.  The industrial revolution was revolting. Now is the time to find a new way of living – ideas invited! Women are queens, because they know the land, they smell the wind.  Most importantly, they are nurturers and not destroyers when they are allowed to be true to themselves


Where are we going?

September 8, 2012

Where are we going?  This may seem a strange question.  We have been to the moon and sent robots to Mars.  We have amazing scientists who are able to make many diseases curable.  And yet, we let dinosaur corporates destroy our home.

Strange isn’t it?

Do we really want to destroy ourselves?  And our home which is Earth a small planet in the universe, are we that stupid?

Are we so greedy that self destruction is OK?

I don’t think so and I think that there are people in corporate positions who are ignorant of what they are doing.  If they are not ignorant, then they are arrogant and should be called on their arrogance.

The human race is racing towards destruction right now.  By 2090, we will all be dead.

Is that what you want?  I don’t care, because I am old and will already have died.  What are you going to do to change this?

Fracking, mining, industry, pollution in South Africa

September 8, 2012

South Africa is a water scarce country. She is not a power scarce country, because we have the amazing power of the sun sustaining us most of the time. We have amazing engineers who know how to capture that power and put it into the grid.

Unfortunately, we have a government and some commentators, who do not believe this. Some of them have possibly been corrupted. This does not serve the people of South Africa.

The Fracking of the Karoo and other places is a very bad idea. Purely because we are a water scarce country. Fracking could cause a thirst problem throughout the country and it has the potential to wipe out many communities. Our government is not looking at the possibility of genocide by default, if it makes water unavailable to millions of people. This could be one of the results of fracking, building on top of mining licences in other in appropriate places.

We have a race going on. Will we starve to death from lack of food or die of thirst?