Fracking, mining, industry, pollution in South Africa

South Africa is a water scarce country. She is not a power scarce country, because we have the amazing power of the sun sustaining us most of the time. We have amazing engineers who know how to capture that power and put it into the grid.

Unfortunately, we have a government and some commentators, who do not believe this. Some of them have possibly been corrupted. This does not serve the people of South Africa.

The Fracking of the Karoo and other places is a very bad idea. Purely because we are a water scarce country. Fracking could cause a thirst problem throughout the country and it has the potential to wipe out many communities. Our government is not looking at the possibility of genocide by default, if it makes water unavailable to millions of people. This could be one of the results of fracking, building on top of mining licences in other in appropriate places.

We have a race going on. Will we starve to death from lack of food or die of thirst?


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