Why nuclear power is not the answer

If you look back over the last 80 years and the pollution that arose from nuclear; the deaths; the dead lands and the dying people – can you say that nuclear is best?

After Chernobyl and Fukushima – can you say nuclear is safe?  Can you still hold onto the myth that is clean?

Can you look at


in Finland, and still say “it is cheap”?

Well, perhaps you can hold onto your illusions.

I cannot because I know the real cost of nuclear.  The mining of Uranium kills ecosystems.  Oh well you say that’s not a problem.  Really, do you know that YOU are an ecosystem?  Because the Navajo do and they sued and won justice for the destruction of their lives and environment from being forced to mine uranium.

Do you know that 995 000 people have died since Chernobyl?  Probably not, because all health problems from nuclear have been suppressed by the IAEA and WHO.

Is it strange that no deaths from Fukushima have been released – no because they are embargoed.

Yet, daily miners are exposed to radon gas, to radioactive dust and the effects of “low level radiation” mining uranium.  Radon gas, colourless, odourless and deadly is released in to the air around all uranium mines.  The radioactive particulates are also released in dust.  The discarded rock piles are stacked up with no protection for the community from the radioactive rocks.  The water flows over their crops carrying heavy, deadly metals with it that pollute the crops and the grazing land.

People and animals grow sick.  Some with lunge diseases and some with liver diseases, however they are told “It is your lifestyle”.  Imagine saying that to Warren Buffet, Richard Branson or Oprah!

Because they are incredibly poor, they are left to die whilst the mining companies thrive.

However, have you thought about this?  You and I, plus Warren buffet et al, are also there. We are also affected.  Our health is compromised.  Our access to clean water and healthy food is prevented.  We too, as are the people in California and Japan, will die from diseases as a result of this pollution.

Is this what you want for your future?  Do you just want to emulate the Lemmings rushing over a cliff to die?  Or do you want change to happen in order to clean up our human act?

I do and I believe we can.  If we are sensible, we will change and bring in sustainable solutions and change our decadent lifestyles for more inclusive ones which can nurture the hurt and heal it.

We will criticise those who put personal wealth before the health of this planet that sustains us.  If we want to continue to be residents on this planet or just another extinct species


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