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March 27, 2013

In response to an ill advised Tweet:

I note that these “safety tips for ladies” were tweeted by Haji Mohamed Dawjee so I am unsurprised by them. This does not render them any less arrogant and insulting to any female of any age – newly born to dying. Religions that defend men’s inability to “contain their lust” at the sight of a female being equally demean men whilst shifting the blame for lack of respect for another being, to the recipient of the unwanted act.

His chosen belief is not alone in this as other similar religious mythologies punt the same demeaning lies.

Men are able to be true lovers and companions as are women. Such men and women share a relationship which cherishes the other and nurtures the others that may result from it. Neither participant feels “uncontrollable lust”, because this is foreign to their ethics. The same is equally true for LGTB people.

Rape is an act of violence and domination. For centuries it has been used in wars to render women helpless and destroyed. It is still being used in the DRC in order to destroy close knit groups and access mineral resources as part of the greater rape of Africa, a female continent. Her riches must be purloined, her people dispossessed so that the growing genocide of the poor can be put into place. Only this will secure the continuance of the super rich and the multinationals – really?

The profit motive is highly masculine (psycopathic) and destructive. It ignores its impact on climate change, it only accepts women who behave like men and it destroys jobs by vacuuming up resources and stocks and shares greedily to ensured its security. In fact, it finds change intimidating and suppresses it.

Why do we have a youth unemployment problem internationally right now? Simply because profit is denying the opportunity to birth a future that serves all. Multinational capitalism does not want the innovation that the new generations bring into the world, because their power will be overthrown.

This is why those of us who know have to stand against multinational capitalism and open the world to innovation – our youth and their ideas. Just as we have to stand against archaic religious myths that suppress the mothers of those innovators.


Beginning a job – what does it mean to work

March 16, 2013

When I first started out after my exams, I did not know what to do.  I only knew that that I wanted to run away from my father asking me every day how well I had done.  Well I was fortunate because I was in UK and read adverts in newspapers.  I found an opportunity to go to Finland and “teach people English”.

The Finns are multilingual and highly educated. They required farm workers.  Totally innocent, I set out via Gatwick Airport.  Well this farm girl was faced with escalators, which I not seen before.  Someone showed me how to use them.  Then I was able to go through all the regular check ins and get onto the plane.

Was I scared?

Yet we arrived safely in Helsinki and I meet the oldest daughter of the family and she took me out to dinner and I slept in her flat before going on the train to Kovuola and Iiti to go to her familys’ farm.

First challenge – sorting out my pay with the family – resolved when mama understood that she was supposed to pay me!

Finland turned out to be a life changing experience, what with sauna naked and including males and females.

Then back to university and the most amazing Festival which included John Williams, Ravi Shankar and Pink Floyd.  A train ride to Moscow and back and a major fall out with my parents resulted in having to find a job.

The recurrent theme for a sixties woman was “You’re overqualified”

Women were supposed to produce children in UK and retire to the home.  Not me or my sisters.  We found and fought for opportunties to change the balance.

However my next job was at about R100 a month. I had to work up to another level.

Working is not simple – you have to start somewhere or you will never move forward.  The BMW does not happen at once nor does the high salary.   You have two options – work for someone and give them value that excites them or go out on your own and hope you attract a mentor.

If R3000 sounds too low as a junior programmer, ask yourself what will you do without it?  The company will put in a lot of time to educate you and reward you if you succeed.  It is the step up to your dreams – who knows, they may raise your salary fast if you turn out to be the person they really want.  Of course you can cop out and join a corporate.  That’s the rat race!

Small companies offer more opportunities than corporates so watch where you jump!

How high do you want to be?

Well remember – service and relationships are what really counts.  Working in a restaurant for very little teaches you so much – I speak from the experience of having done it.  Walking the streets for business and climbing up office blocks to find business makes you realise that this requires more than effort, it requires exceptional effort

How high would you fly?  You can fly beyond your dreams if you just start!