A disarranged politely post the municipal elections

We have moved into a brave new world.  The structures that we thought were solid have dissolved away. It’s beyond scary.

Unless you are over 50 years old.

Change is the only constant, as I have learnt. Change comes from those who are brave enough to innovate, to produce challenging ideas and risk putting them into place. Many of us failed massively in the 1960s around Vietnam, however we made a move and some died.

Now I sit and look at how how dinosaurs of my age hold onto their power. Most world leaders and especially African ones hang onto their power.  I am not yet 70 however power has no meaning for me. Maybe because I am a woman and I want to nurture not do power over.

We have so many options and we have so many arrogant and oppressive oligarchs and patriarchs suppressing their people.

The four women who stood up last night at the EIC meeting were magnificent.  I applaude them


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