The unrevealed costs of nuclear power

The nuclear industry lies about its impacts. Why – because, originally, it relied on the arms race. However, Mayak, Chernobyl and Fukushima have taught us,that the IAEA cannot contain a major nuclear disaster. These are only three of the disasters that have been identified. There are many more including Sellafield/Windscale in the UK.

However, these are the impacts of failed built reactors.

Let’s step back to where the fuel is mined and its impacts on communities, ecologies and the miners themselves.

In mining uranium there is a 1 to 9 recovery of the highly volatile metal – 1 kilo of uranium is useable and 9 are put into tailings damns. These are unmarked and can be giving giving geiger counter readings of well over the allowed impacts per day never mind per annum.

The miners are checked monthly for health impacts by the mining company they work for – they are not told why. They have no medical aid, no pensions or any other support. Why not? They are mere commodities mining the ore. As they inhale Radon Gas and the fine dust in the mine, which contains Volatile Uranium isotopes and Radium, they are being poisoned. Eventually, they are found to be unable to work for the mine.

They are boarded and hung out to die.

Now let’s look at the communities around the mine. Many of them have the women and children of the miners involved. Children are born deformed physically and mentally; their mothers’ DNA unravels. Eventually the females in the community can no longer produce children at all. Which made be a release.

More than this, the local water, air and land use is polluted by radiation. The mine uses coal-powered power stations to produce the uranium.

It doesn’t stop here however because uranium goes through two further processes to produce the nuclear rods for the power stations. Both of them work on the same 1-9 ratio and use coal fired power to produce the require results. The processes produce more tailings dams, more water , air and ecosystem pollution. This all happens before a nuclear power station has been built

People are dying right along the the way – but they are only miners and low income communities.

No they are not – they are exploited like they do not matter by wealthy mining companies. This has to stop.

If the IAEA cannot solve Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl, it should be held to account for genocide in the ICC and all nuclear build be stopped.


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