COP 17 – Durban jamboree or a serious event?

COP 17 starts next week as delegates from around 190 countries arrive in Durban via ORT and Wonderboom.  Hotel prices and probably restaurants prices have been geared up to reap the rewards of the visitors’ foreign currencies.  Some people have cycled down; some will arrive by train or bus.  Most of the latter two groups will sleep in tents or university digs.

This Congress will reflect interests of many types.  The vested interests of the North, big business and big oil amongst others will dominate the closed sessions at the ICC.

The NGOs will present questions outside and preside over the inside proceedings feeding back information to the outsiders.

Are we likely to obtain a commitment to the Kyoto Protocol’s continuance?  To the lowering of carbon emissions?  To the future sustainability of the human race?

Only the next two weeks will tell.  There are going to be events all around South Africa to raise awareness of the problems we are facing and the solutions.  As a truly creative society, we have many options to put into action.  In fact, we can make a simple start by cleaning our streets and rivers!


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